Catching Up: Luna Moth Caterpillar at Cascade State Park

Last summer, I went camping with Fes Works on the north shore of Lake Superior. In the space of a few days, we covered something like five or six Minnesota state parks. I’ve been incredibly remiss in processing my photos from this trip. Tonight, I polished my photos from Cascade …

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What do you want to know about Christopher Jones?

Tonight, I shall be interviewing DC Comics artist Christopher Jones for The Geek Life podcast. As most of you probably know already, I lived with/worked with/traveled with Mr. Jones for seven years, so I already know ALL THE STORIES. However, you probably don’t know them! What do you want to know? What …

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Guitar Wolf, and the Meaning of Stuff

In lieu of traditional Easter celebrations yesterday, I went to a Guitar Wolf concert at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry. Who are Guitar Wolf? I hear some of you ask. Well, they’re a Japanese garage punk band, founded in the late 1980s. Aside from starring in strange Japanese B-grade sci-fi …

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Your Daily Dose of Green

A Walk through House on the Rock

Prior to George Hrab’s concert this weekend, I took a tour through House on the Rock with a bunch of people who had never seen it before. For those of you who are unaware… it’s a helluva thing. Photos don’t do justice to the experience of House on the Rock. …

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Predicting Doom with George Hrab

This past weekend, I drove to Spring Green, WI, so I could join the Chicago Skeptics group on a tour of House on the Rock. As a supermegabonus to the fact that I’d be spending an afternoon at the House on the Rock with Chicagoans whom I do not see …

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New Geek Life: Paul Has a Sad

Episode 146 of The Geek Life is up! No, I’m not in this one. I was running PowerPoint Karaoke when they were recording. But you should listen anyway!

Bullet Points on PowerPoint [Karaoke]

Last night’s PowerPoint Karaoke was a great one. A goodly number of people showed up, despite the gorgeous weather outdoors. Our presenters (Bill Corbett, Joe Bozic, Kelvin Hatle, and Dawn Krosnowski) all made quite an impression, with subjects ranging from tarantula transport conspiracy theories to preventing pregnancy with bread. And every …

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Tomorrow Night: PowerPoint Karaoke!

Remember, this month’s PowerPoint Karaoke is tomorrow, Tuesday the 2nd of April! Four contestants give a presentation to a live audience, even though they have never seen the slides before, and the slides are complete nonsense! This month’s star presenters will be Joe Bozic, Kelvin Hatle, Reid Knuttila, and Dawn …

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Movies by Math: The Sequel

I got enough comments and questions via Twitter, Facebook, and other avenues about my previous post that I figured I’d elaborate upon my crazy statistical methods. First of all, to those who wanted a post about movies that actually contain math, here’s a lovely link to a page mainained by Harvard’s math department. How …

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