PowerPoint Karaoke NOW and LATER

Announcement the First: The next PowerPoint Karaoke show will land upon Tuesday, May 1st! Four contestants give a presentation to a live audience, even though they have never seen the slides before, and the slides are complete nonsense! This month’s show will feature the comedic stylings of Ben San Del, …

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Road Trip: Days 1 – 2

I’m in the midst of spending around 10 days on the road, visiting friends around the country and, eventually, Ebertfest. Right now, I’m hanging out with my dear friend, Poe, in Morgantown, West Virginia. The first two days mostly involved driving, as there is a lot of highway between Minneapolis, …

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Cabin in the Woods, and Why I Shouldn’t Be a Movie Critic

Let me start out by saying this: I love Cabin in the Woods. I love it unabashedly. I’m not a Whedonista by any means, so I’m not being a dittohead just because Joss worked on this project. I simply love the film. I love horror films, but I’m extremely picky about …

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New Geek Life: In Which I Am a Zombie

The latest episode of The Geek Life is online! Check out episode 148: Our Co-Host Is a Zombie. You can, of course, also follow The Geek Life on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and iTunes. All the info can be found on the home site. Enjoy!

The Guitar Wolf Saga Concludes

Remember when I was a horrible fool and lost that guitar pick? Well… I got home yesterday to find this taped to the inside lock on my apartment door: !!! Then my head exploded. Apparently, Fes Works tracked down the tour manager, explained what happened, and asked if he could buy …

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Wine and Dexterity

If this is the wrong way to hold a wine glass, I don’t want to be right. 

Your Daily Dose of Foliage

Spring is here! Spring is here! Life is Skittles and Life is beer! (Lyrics by Tom Lehrer.)

More Potter More Problems

Remember that video that was filmed at my apartment on Monday night? Well, here it is. Enjoy!  

Up to No Good

On Sunday, my PowerPoint Karaoke cohort, Bill Stiteler, wrote up a script for a short film that needed to be made as soon as possible. Some jokes don’t have a long shelf life, and for this, speed was important. Thankfully, Fes had left all his sound and lighting gear at …

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Catching Up: MiX 2011 (Minneapolis Indie Xpo)

Back on November 5th, 2011, the Minneapolis Indie Xpo happened at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis. I prowled around with my camera for a few hours, snagging a few images of comic-creating friends and the event in general. My favorite shots are the ones below, of Fes Works and Aric …

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