The Fantastic Fest 2013 Tour de Kitsch!

In order to get to Fantastic Fest a couple of weeks ago, I had to drive across most of the United States. The 1,171 mile drive between Minneapolis, MN and Austin, TX goes past a lot of rural country, meaning there is a bounty of strange little truck stops with …

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My Own Personal Hellmouth

If you’ve been watching the news, you may be aware that the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota has been walloped with storms over the last week. Xcel Energy reported a record-breaking 505,000 power outages over the weekend, and an astonishing amount of people are still without power. I’ve seen …

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Offline and Online

I have been remiss on my blogging duties for the last couple weeks. While I’m pretty sure humanity can live without my daily online presence for a while, I keep feeling like I’ve been slacking on the job. Last year, I made an effort to post each weekday (which I …

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Ebertfest: Day 2a

I slept late this morning, so I don’t have time to write-up the films I saw yesterday. (And yes, I want to talk about a couple of them in-depth.) What I do have are some lovely photos of the restored Virginia Theatre for your consumption:

Success from a Failed Time Lapse

Yesterday morning, I drove from Minneapolis, MN to Champaign, IL, a trip that takes around 7-8 hours of nonstop driving. Recently, I purchased a glass mount and a power cord for my Sony DSLR, in hopes that I could shoot more sophisticated time-lapse movies during my long road trips. Thus, …

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I’ll miss you, Mr. Ebert.

I can credit my intense love of movies to two people: my mom and Roger Ebert. I used to watch Sneak Previous and At the Movies religiously, and I’d make note of the movies I was too young to see, but would undoubtedly seek out when I was older. Mom is …

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Shiny Pointy Things 2: WWII German Regalia

In my previous post, I mentioned that I photographed an edged weapons collection for a friend. I talked previously about one of his American possessions, but the real meat of his collection consists of several pieces of WWII German regalia. My friend certainly does not have any sympathies with the …

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Shiny Pointy Things and the M.C. Lilley Company

About a week ago, I was called upon by an edged weapons collector to photograph his stash of pointy things for insurance purposes. Most of the photos aren’t terribly visually interesting, since they are meant to be just matter-of-fact documents of the quality of the item and the maker’s marks. …

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Tiny Thing #93: Tiny Tales Book (plus a DIY macro lens)

The Tiny Things project has been continuing slowly, yet steadily. This weekend, I shot this tiny joke book, which is about the size of my thumbnail. (Funny that the book is too small to actually contain any Tales. Instead, it contains some very lame kids’ jokes. Apparently, tiny pages don’t …

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Tiny Thing #91