Max Wants You to Donate to the Walk for Animals!


This is Max. Max is my dog. I adopted him from the Golden Valley Humane Society in August 2016, and he is, of course, the best dog! (…except when he shreds his dog bed, like he did last night. But he’s cute, so we’ll overlook that for now.) The thing …

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RIP Darwyn Cooke

Captain Cold Darwyn Cooke

2016 is a bastard. Now it’s taking comics artists. This morning, I saw online that Darwyn Cooke passed away from cancer. This was only one day after an announcement came out that he was in palliative care for cancer. I didn’t know him personally at all, but I am saddened by …

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According to my Fitbit Flex, the average amount of sleep I currently get is around four hours per 24 hour round. In the last month, there has been only one night where have I slept longer than 6 hours. Last night, I slept about 90 minutes, total. The weird part is …

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More Words Than I Ever Thought I’d Write About Prince

It’s been a little more than one day since Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead at Paisley Park, which is about 20 miles from my couch. He was 57, which is too young to go for any human, but especially young for someone who we all kind of suspected was …

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Arid January

So, I decided to have a dry January. Okay, maybe not exactly dry. Just arid. Lemme explain. Last year was rough. Really rough. Incredible things happened, but I was pulled beyond capacity. And I was drinking a lot. The two aren’t necessarily related. I don’t think I was drinking to …

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Looking Back and Looking Forward

I sucked at keeping it together in 2015. No, that’s probably not quite right, even though that’s how it feels on the first day of 2016. I sucked at keeping my brain together in 2015. On the outside, if I look at the evidence, there’s a lot I did in 2015 …

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Lessons of Holly

I don’t remember when I first met Holly. She just always seemed to be part and parcel of the Butt-Numb-a-Thon experience. Every year, when I’d go down to Austin, TX, chances were pretty good that Holly was also there, having traveled from Atlanta. Holly was always a burst of energy. …

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The D after the OC

I have a Google Doc Spreadsheet called Pack List. Whenever I have to pack for an out-of-town excursion, I create a new tab and take notes for the week prior to departure. Then, anytime I think, “Oh, I need to remember to bring a water bottle / a gift for …

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Remembering Nick Post

I woke up this morning thinking of an evening about a decade ago, when I was having beers in Chicago with Nick Post and a whole slew of comics creators. It was a hilarious evening, and it brought a smile to my sleepy face. Then I rolled over and turned …

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Slaying the EDNOS: Seven Months Later

EDNOS: a medical acronym that stands for “Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified” On August 3rd of last year, I finally started treatment for Binge Eating Disorder. I wrote about my trepidation and my decision at length on that day. I’ve come a long way.