The Fantastic Fest 2013 Tour de Kitsch!

In order to get to Fantastic Fest a couple of weeks ago, I had to drive across most of the United States. The 1,171 mile drive between Minneapolis, MN and Austin, TX goes past a lot of rural country, meaning there is a bounty of strange little truck stops with strange little things hiding in them.

Thus, as per tradition, here is the Tour de Kitsch!

Bite me, Iowa! Fishin' with Truman
Rose Grove, IA:
Bythedale, Missouri:
Every rest area should have a giant mosaic of Harry S. Truman being stalked by a fisherman.
Sometimes, you want the disembodied head of a raptor guarding your table salt. Anyone need a cowboy armadillo?
Ottawa, Kansas:
Sometimes, you just need a giant, disembodied raptor head to guard your precious table salt.
Marietta, Oklahoma:
Cowboy armadillo? Sure, why not!
I checked. My booty would not fit. Time to pick Knute Rockne's nose.
Kearney, MO:
I checked. My booty does not fit.
Mattfield Green, KS:
The Knute Rockne Memorial¬†stands at almost the exact halfway point between my house and the Cargills’ place. Therefore, I now declare a new tradition: picking Knute’s nose on the way through Kansas.
We're having a car picnic! Does this qualify as a sandwich? I DO NOT CARE.
Rose Grove, Iowa:
On the southbound trip, I was accompanied by Jerry Belich of Choosatron fame. This is Jerry, making me a sandwich…
…if, indeed, this qualifies a sandwich.


  1. That looks like a fine sandwich. Is the recipe available?

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