Success from a Failed Time Lapse

Yesterday morning, I drove from Minneapolis, MN to Champaign, IL, a trip that takes around 7-8 hours of nonstop driving.

Recently, I purchased a glass mount and a power cord for my Sony DSLR, in hopes that I could shoot more sophisticated time-lapse movies during my long road trips. Thus, before I left town, I mounted the camera to the windshield of the car and set it to take a photo every 12 seconds.

The project ultimately failed. My car’s power inverter died (possibly a blown fuse), so the camera was left to run off its own battery. The battery died about 6.5 hours in. It also monsoon-rained during much of the drive, which means the individual photos were blurred by water and marred by the occasional windshield wiper.

The good news, though, is that the camera occasionally shot an interesting image, made dreamy by the blur and glare of the rain.

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1707-08-18

Eastbound 394, just outside Minneapolis.

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1707-18-06

I-94 Tunnel, Minneapolis

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1711-41-18

I-90/94, Wisconsin

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1711-44-54

I-90/94, Wisconsin, at 11:45 in the morning.

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1712-37-54

Exit between I-90 Eastbound and I-39 Southbound, near Rockford, IL.

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1712-45-42

I-39 Southbound, IL

Failed Time Lapse - 2013-04-1712-52-30

I-39 Southbound, IL


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