Tonight: Raiders the Adaptation

raidersBack in the mid-1980s, two kids in Mississippi decided to make a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The project took seven years to complete.

This project, now called Raiders: The Adaptation, remained relatively unknown until director Eli Roth snuck a copy of it to Harry Knowles, who played part of it at the 2002 Butt-Numb-a-Thon. I was lucky enough to be at that screening, and witnessed first-hand the enchantment that befell the audience. Since the kids shot the film mostly in chronological order, we got watch the kids grow up, watch them grow as filmmakers, and watch them pull off some pretty amazing things.

From there, the film became Internet-famous, leading the now-adult lead actor and director into e-fame, book deals, and even a meeting with Steven Spielberg.

You can’t see the film online. You can, however, see it on the big screen.

When and Where: February 7th, 7:00pm at the Riverview Theater

Chris Strompolous, aka Indiana Jones, will be there tonight with the film. I sat next to him at Butt-Numb-a-Thon this year, and I can vouch that he’s a pretty awesome dude.

You want to be there tonight.

Trust me.

B-Fest Tour de Kitch!

In my most recent, relatively short road trip, I naturally encountered a variety of roadside oddities. I hereby give you the first 2013 Tour de Kitch!

Yoga Frogs Cow tipping shot glass? Why not!
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin:
Yoga frogs? Sure, why not!
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin:
Why, I had no idea that cow tipping may involve alcohol.
WHAT. THE. This is the last moment captured by my phone when the battery died last night.
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin:
Hala Kahiki, River Grove, Illinois:
This is the last thing my phone saw before the battery died.
"Do you have pork?" "No!" Self-Serve Wooden Native American?
Schaumberg, Illinois:
“Do you have pork?”
“How about beef?”
“Are you out of your damn mind?!”
Hixton, Wisconsin:
This poor guy needs a shirt.

Signal Boost: Help for an Injured Dog

jesterFriends of mine might already know my friend Halfastick / Don, who is my long-distance driving buddy for my yearly jaunt to Fantastic Fest. He is one half of married couple who have been having a rough couple years. Money issues, health issues, job issues… a heaping lot of everything. In fact, Don might actually be cursed. (I only say this because it’s the most rational explanation for the Angry Raccoon God Debacle of 2011.)

Anyway, I digress.

Don and Amy have a dog named Jester. Jester is a medically-prescribed emotional support animal, a three-year-old Engish Coonhound / Beagle mix.

Last night, Jester was hit by a car. Jester is alive, but has broken bones, bruised lungs, and other injuries. He can make a comeback, but his owners don’t have a critical thing necessary for his veterinary car: catastrophe money.

So, if you have a few spare bucks — $5, $10, anything — please consider using it to help an injured support dog. You can donate online here:

TONIGHT: Drinking with Geeks!

Drinking with Geeks

This is a just a reminder that YOU — yes, YOU with the glasses, staring simultaneously at a smartphone and three computer monitors — should swing by Drinking with Geeks tonight! Once there, you can mingle with the other Minneapolis geeks, scientifically analyze a tasty beer, and see the recording of the brand-new Drinking with Geeks podcast. The podcast, a brainchild of Bill Stiteler and Joseph Scrimshaw, will feature Jerry Belich and yours truly as (presumably drunk) inaugural guests. Join us!

Bryant Lake Bowl
February 5th, 2013
6:30pm – 8:30pm (podcast happens at 7:30pm)
Tickets are FREE!

If you do the Facebook thing, there is more information here.

If you don’t do the Facebook thing, here’s the event on the Bryant Lake Bowl’s web site.

Tiny Thing #87 and Other Tiny Things

Tiny Things #87: Shy Bunny

Tiny Thing #87: Shy Bunny

The Tiny Things Project began February 2010, after my grandma Winifred passed away. She had a lifelong hobby of collecting miniatures. She was a world traveler and had a magnetic personality, so parts of her collection originated from people and places all over the world. Most of the items are now many decades old. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the collection, and I’d often help her dust the little things as a sort of yearly project. She kept them in a china cabinet, so I don’t think they really gathered much dust, but it was a good excuse for me to study them up close.

Tiny Things #55: Coke Bottle

Tiny Thing #55: Coke Bottle

Tiny Thing #31: Pink Car

Tiny Thing #31: Pink Car

Tiny Things #82: Willow Baby

Tiny Thing #82: Willow Baby

When she passed away, I was honored to be given the collection. I wanted some way to catalog the items so other people could enjoy them, so I started a photo series. My ability to work on the series came and went depending on where I was living (the old house had better light than my current apartment), the state of various injuries (I couldn’t lift a camera for a while), and the season (I’m very unmotivated to go outdoors during the winter in Minnesota). Thus, even though I’ve now been working on the photos for three years, I’m still a long way from capturing the final piece in the collection.

Tiny Things #1: Chair (DIY Macro Lens)

Tiny Things #1: Chair

Tiny Things #86: Painting

Tiny Things #86: Painting

Tiny Things #20: Rooster

Tiny Things #20: Rooster

I’d like to make a push to finish the project this spring, if only to have it done before I have to pack and move to a new place. Then again, there are also various film projects, podcasting projects, and a giant convention vying for my time, so we’ll see.

If you’re curious about the other photos, you can see the whole collection both on Flickr and on Tumblr.