Rainy Day

I’ve always been fascinated by the sunshine-on-the-ground/stormy-skies-above sort of light. Plenty of that today.

Concept: Music Rights Made Easy

Yesterday, when I edited and posted this video to YouTube, I chose a piece of music from my collection to accompany the visuals. The composer (Robert Schumann) and the performer (Sergei Rachmaninoff) are both quite dead, but it looks like the recording is still under copyright. In fact, YouTube identified it as …

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Adventures in Time Lapse

I’ll conclude my Ebertfest posts this week (hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday), but for now, I’ll just post a little something I did on April 25th:   When I drove from Morgantown, WV to Champaign, IL, I strapped a Plantcam to the passenger seat, just to see what it could do. …

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The Geek Life: 150 Episodes!

That’s right! Today, The Geek Life hit 150 episodes! Listen to us discuss movies and the ever-changing kilogram in Let’s Throw Science at It!


Over the last few days, Fes and I have been receiving worrisome news about Marcus, our cohost on the First Issue video series. He had been hospitalized for several days with internal bleeding, and yesterday, he learned that he had colon cancer. This is dreadful news that nobody wants to …

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Ebertfest 2012: Day 2

Greetings once again from Ebertfest! Day 2 was slightly wonky. This was planned to be the Day of Patton Oswalt, as he had been scheduled to do a Q&A after the screening of Big Fan, and then he was going to present Kind Hearts and Coronets at the close of …

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Ebertfest 2012: Day 1

As mentioned in previous posts, I am currently at Ebertfest in Champaign, Illinois. Ebertfest is a fine little event that I first visited two years ago. Roger Ebert gathers a schedule of 12 films, a mixture of new and old, which he considers to be overlooked by the public. Many …

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Road Trip: Days 5 – 6

The last two days have brought me from Morgantown, West Virginia to Champaign, Illinois. The relaxing part of my vacation has ended. Bring on Ebertfest! Here are a few photos I snapped along my travels:   Morgantown, West Virginia: “Ladybong Graffiti” will be the name of my reggae Ladysmith Black …

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New Episode of The Geek Life: Half a Crew

A new episode of The Geek Life is up! Richard and I talk across the USA about videos and asteroid mining and stuff. Whee!

Road Trip: Days 3 – 4

I’m still hanging out in West Virginia, relaxing as much as possible before the flurry of Ebertfest. Thus, I don’t have a whole lot to report, except for the fact that the movie Lockout was better when it was called Escape from New York. Here are some random photos: Canonsburg, …

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