Dragon*Con 2012

During most years, Dragon*Con is something of a relaxing endeavor. I do not work at the convention; I’m rarely placed on panels; I generally don’t keep a regular schedule; I don’t even lug my camera everywhere. My usual plan is to a) hang out with the Skeptic track folks, b) eat, c) drink. This year, I added d) smoke, because my friend Ted showed me where the cigar bar was.

I don’t have many concrete tales of the weekend, as most of it just blurs together. Various highlights:

  • Playing Cards Against Humanity with various Twitterati… and James Urbaniak. I kept hearing Venture Brothers episodes in my head.
  • Maple vodka
  • Hanging out at epic Scott Sigler parties
  • Hanging out a bar that also contained both half the cast of Firefly and half the cast of Battlestar Galactica. (I desperately hoped for a Sharks vs. Jets musical number.)
  • Drinking beer with Jeff Wagg, and randomly meeting a lady who helped isolate the new Heartland virus
  • Drinking martinis with Donna Mugavero
  • Hanging around with the Mad Art Lab peeps
  • Being Boba Fett for a gender-swapped Star Wars group costume endeavor. (Naturally, I was completely overshadowed by Brian Thompson as Princess Leia.)
  • Smoking cigars and drinking scotch and recording podcasts with Ted Meissner and Matt Lowry


James Randi and Alice Cooper

Watching James Randi and Alice Cooper talk about the Billion Dollar Babies tour WAS TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

Ryan with Steggy

Everyone loves a stegosaurus.

Steampunk Totoro? Why not!

Steampunk Totoro? Why not!

Matt's Shoes Are FABULOUS

Matt’s shoes were the most FABULOUS thing I saw at Dragon*Con.

The full gallery of images is below. Enjoy!


  1. That was you in the Boba Fett costume! None of the pics I’ve seen so far tagged who was under the helmet.

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