CONvergence Is Imminent!

One of the things consuming my life lately is CONvergence 2013, which will invade on July 4th and then continue through the weekend. CONvergence is the 800-pound gorilla of Minnesota conventions, where an expected 7,000 people will show up and proceed to nerd out, dress up, and boogie down until …

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Accumulation of Activities

I have been ridiculously busy as of late. In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve been up to: The Webcomic Beacon: A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to lend my film expertise to a recording of The Webcomic Beacon podcast about James Bond. The episode also features comic artist Rich …

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On the Air on Tuesday Nights

A few weeks ago, The Geek Life started doing podcast recordings on Tuesday nights. We made this move because Skype was giving us trouble as a recording platform, and Google Hangouts seem to be more stable. The odd bonus of moving to Google Hangouts is that a) we can now …

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Geek Life Goes Video

For the past 180+ episodes of The Geek Life, we have recorded our audio via Skype. Skype is a cheap way to get four people on one audio track without having to schedule putting them into an actual room together. Since we at The Geek Life are lazy at 8 PM on …

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New Geek Life: Minecraft Pi

Silent movies! Minecraft on Raspberry Pi! Making noises with iPads! And other stuff! Have a listen to episode 176!

New Geek Life: Planck vs. Avogadro

Enjoy Episode 175, where we talk about Le Grand K and other awesome things!

New Geek Life: The Melissa and Mike Show

Once again, Paul and Richard have been reminded that they should not let Mike and me do the show by ourselves. As the show notes and title suggest, it’s hard to say that we went off the rails, as there were probably no rails to begin with. Anyway, please enjoy …

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New Geek Life: Star Wars Disney Blah Blah

In the most recent Geek Life Podcast, we discuss Star Wars and Disney and other things that aren’t Star Wars or Disney, but it’s mostly Star Wars and Disney. Enjoy episode 173!

New Geek Life: Fantastic Fest Rundown

On the latest episode of The Geek Life, the fine gentlemen indulge me as I blather on about Fantastic Fest and its amazing slate of films. Have a listen!

New Geek Life: Security Security Security!

On this week’s The Geek Life, Paul and I were left to our own devices once again. Thus, we rambled on about movies, security, Apple… well, mostly all the things we usually ramble on about. Whee!