On the Air on Tuesday Nights

TGL LogoA few weeks ago, The Geek Life started doing podcast recordings on Tuesday nights. We made this move because Skype was giving us trouble as a recording platform, and Google Hangouts seem to be more stable. The odd bonus of moving to Google Hangouts is that a) we can now record video of our weekly podcasts, and b) we can easily turn it into a live Internet show.

Thus, last week, we did a trial run with the live video thing, and it was a good ol’ time. A few intrepid listeners even formed a hashtag on Twitter for running color commentary. Therefore, this will likely become an ongoing thing.

Want to watch the Geek Life live? We record on Tuesday nights, around 8:00pm CST. Keep an eye on Google+ or Twitter to get the Hangout link. If you want to ask questions or comment, simply use the Hangout or the Twitter hashtag #thegeeklifetv.

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