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Over the last few weeks, John Kovalic has been sending me pieces of artwork in black-and-white Line-O-Vision, and I’ve been sending them back to him in Technicolor. He tweeted this one yesterday, so I suppose it’s now safe for me to show it off, too. It’s a print for the upcoming color edition of Kobolds Ate My Baby!

And if you are sitting there saying, “What the hell is that?!” I shall say that Kobolds Ate My Baby! is a ridiculously fun role-playing game. You should play it. There are chickens and stuff.

Line art by John Kovalic
Colors by Melissa Kaercher


Avast, there’s art to be seen!

Every once in a while, John Kovalic calls me up and asks me to do a comics coloring job. This time, he asked me to color the cover art for the VCon programming guide.

And, he said, it would involve pirates. And space. Space pirates.

How could I say no?

Pencils and inks by John Kovalic
Colors by myself


Kickstart Camden!

A couple weeks ago, Mr. John Kovalic, the cartoonist behind Dork Tower and Munchkin, asked if I could do a project that involved doing the color finishes on some of his black & white linework. Since working on John’s art is always fun, I naturally said yes.

Yesterday, the Kickstarter went up!

“Camden” is a new tile-laying game (like Carcassone), themed after the market area of Camden Lock, London, UK. The game plays in about a half hour, with two to four players, so it’s perfect for hanging out with a few friends.

To produce the game, the Kickstarter requires $10,000, and after only one day, it is already 13% funded! $30 gets you the final game, including free shipping anywhere in the US. (If you’re not American, $44 gets you free shipping anywhere in the world.) There are, of course, many sweet sweet rewards if you care to pledge higher than that!

Not sure yet? If you go the Cheapass Games web site, you can download the original prototype of the game (called Agora) COMPLETELY FREE! Then, once you fall in love with it, you can pledge to the Kickstarter.

Cool, right?

Now go pledge this puppy up so we can bring a copy to Omegacon!