Over the last few weeks, John Kovalic has been sending me pieces of artwork in black-and-white Line-O-Vision, and I’ve been sending them back to him in Technicolor. He tweeted this one yesterday, so I suppose it’s now safe for me to show it off, too. It’s a print for the upcoming color edition of Kobolds Ate My Baby!

And if you are sitting there saying, “What the hell is that?!” I shall say that Kobolds Ate My Baby! is a ridiculously fun role-playing game. You should play it. There are chickens and stuff.

Line art by John Kovalic
Colors by Melissa Kaercher


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  1. I ran a game of Kobolds Ate My Baby at my college RPG group many years ago. It was so popular that many members of the group preferred to stand around watching others playing KAMB rather than actually play in a different system themselves.

    I only had one copy of the game rules, so one overly helpful bystander offered to photo copy the spell descriptions so the game would not be held up as we passed the book back and forth. I should have been a bit more suspicious about this sudden burst of spontaneous helpfulness. But it became obvious how I had been duped when I noticed a half dozen group members tucking freshly printed copies of the Kobolds rule book into their book bags.

    The game company saved a few bucks by using a cheep plastic binding for the rule book, but I think it turned out far more expensive than they’d planned on account of how easy it was to separate the pages and lay them flat in a photocopier.

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