Corporate Goose Dog

My Day Job is at the headquarters of A Very Large Corporation. I work in a complex of buildings that are all connected by human Habitrails of glass and concrete. These buildings are only built on part of a large parcel of land, large enough to accommodate a large ring …

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Best Movies by MATH

Last week, I talked a little bit about my weird obsession with using statistics to find movies to watch. Today, I realised that I’d never used it to figure out what the best movies every made would be. I mean, that’s bizarre, right? That’s what everyone wants to know! Why …

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New Episode of The Geek Life

A new episode of The Geek Life is Live! Episode 145: No, *He* Is the Most Interesting Man in the World. We talk about camel spiders, Hunger Games, some dude who dove into the Mariana Trench, and other awesome things. You can also follow The Geek Life on the Facebooks and the …

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PowerPoint Karaoke: April 3rd

It’s the nightmare of every corporate lackey: you get up in front of an audience of people. Behind you is a screen, showing the opening slide of a PowerPoint deck. With dawning horror, you realise you have no idea what you are going to talk about. You desperately try to …

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Random Thoughts About Movie Music

Last night, I watched Three Colors: Blue for the first time. Yes, I know I’m very late to the party in seeing the Three Colors trilogy, but I figured I’d wait to tackle it until I could get my hands on the Criterion Blu-Ray discs of each film, rather than …

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Altar of Technology

My Vilification Tennis Altar of Technology. FEAR ME. #viltennis, a photo by Chebutykin on Flickr. I spent much of my weekend working as The High Priestess of Technology for two Vilification Tennis shows. As you can see from this pre-show photo, I was wrangling two computers and an LCD screen, …

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Tiny Things #82 – #86

Click the images to see the larger versions on Flickr.

Images from Twin Lakes

I went for a walk today. Click the images to see them larger on Flickr.

Johnny Guitar

Alright, I confess. I’m a movie nerd. I’m a movie nerd to the extent that, somewhere around 2005, I started building a strange database. When I first built it, it simply listed all the movies in IMDB’s Top 50/Top 250 lists, and which ones I had seen. I’d refresh the …

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Ambien Calls Are the New Drunk Dial

Around 11pm last night, I looked at my phone. I was surprised to find that someone I know (who shall remain nameless) had tried to call me nine times between 9pm and 10pm. They also left a phone message, which was strangely garbled. Since it was now considerably later, I …

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