The BNAT14 Tour de Kitsch

This past weekend, I traveled to Austin, TX to be part of the 14th Butt-Numb-a-Thon film extravaganza. Since I am still a bit on the poor side, I once again made the trek by driving instead of flying. This means that I once again subjected myself to six US states’ worth of highway-side rest stops and gas stations, meaning you get another installment of the Tour de Kitsch!

I have claimed a Moose! WHOA! I can buy death at this truck stop!
Minneapolis, MN: I picked up my favorite travel buddy, MOOSE! Moose has traveled to all seven continents and has met a plethora of celebrities. He’s also cuddly.
Faribault, MN: WHOA! I can buy Death at a truck stop!
The unvalued customers get uncertified soap. Holy crap. They still make full-screen DVDs?!?
Des Moines, IA: The unvalued customers get uncertified soap. Lathrop, MO: They still make full-screen DVDs?! Jerry Springer?! Bobcat Goldthwait?!
Explosive fairy tales! ZOMBG DEATH SNOWGLOBE.
Lathrop, MO: It was a gas station full of fireworks. Let’s put explosives near other explosives YEAH! Also, these particular items prove that you can blow up all your childhood dreams.
Guthrie, OK: Death snowglobe. Let me type that again. DEATH SNOWGLOBE.
Guys, I don't think there are palm trees or surfing in Oklahoma.. Oh no! My car has hit a giant egg!
Guthrie, OK: Guys, I don’t think there’s surfing or palm trees anywhere near Oklahoma.
Austin, TX: My car just ran over an egg!
Oh WOW. I might need this.
Guthrie, OK: Oh WOW. Guthrie, OK: It’s a lizard hat. I am ashamed that I didn’t buy it.
Posting without comment. Sweet barking Godzilla, what's with the skull souvenirs on this trip?!
Guthrie, OK: … I got nothin’. Albert Lea, MN: What’s with the skull kitsch on this trip?!

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