How We Pissed Off Tim

Last night, PowerPoint Karaoke had a rockin’ show. All four of our performers, borrowed from the ranks of Fearless Comedy and Vilification Tennis, blasted the audience with comedy. At one point, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, which would have been a problem, as I was onstage running …

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New Geek Life: Minecraft Pi

Silent movies! Minecraft on Raspberry Pi! Making noises with iPads! And other stuff! Have a listen to episode 176!

Die Hard + CONvergence = SWEDE HARD!

At CONvergence 2012, I was marginally involved in a remake of Die Hard, which was filmed in one day on a budget of pocket lint and powdered sugar. After months of post-production (read: burning stuff in Jerry’s garage), it is finally here: SWEDE HARD! If you are not familiar with …

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Thursday Night: PowerPoint Karaoke!

Remember that PowerPoint Karaoke will be invading a stage (hopefully) near you on THURSDAY NIGHT! See improv comedians bravely attempt to give a PowerPoint presentation for a deck that they have never seen before. This amazing event happens at the Bryant-Lake Bowl on Thursday, November 29th, at 10:00pm! Doors will open at 9:30pm, so …

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Cinematic Oddities: The Cremator

A few nights ago, I saw that The Cremator (1969) had popped up on Hulu Plus’ streaming service, under the Criterion label. I knew little about the film, aside from the fact that it was one of only 6 films on IMDB’s Top 50 Horror Films list that I’d never …

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New Geek Life: Planck vs. Avogadro

Enjoy Episode 175, where we talk about Le Grand K and other awesome things!

A Silent Movie Primer

Last week, news channels announced that one of Alfred Hitchcock’s long-lost silent films, The White Shadow, had been found. Only about half of the full print exists, but it is nonetheless the earliest Hitchcock work that currently exists, and you can watch it right here on the web. Alfred Hitchock is …

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It’s Black Friday. You probably need a Sonic Screwdriver.

At Omegacon last weekend, I was introduced to the Sonic Screwdriver. The center is Blue Curacao. Outside is a mix of orange H2Oh! and clementine vodka. The disposable dual chamber shot glass is something you can now buy in glorious bulk stacks for the price of a couple bucks. (I …

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A Tale of Holiday Cooking

My maternal grandmother was an interesting woman. Most of her decisions fell into one of two categories: badass and downright strange. In days when many grandmothers were still of the traditional sort that baked cookies and stuff, grandma was a businesswoman, a do-it-yourselfer, and a bit on the wild side. …

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Photos from Lakes Harriet & Calhoun

Back in October, I spent a lovely autumn afternoon walking around Lake Harriet with my friend, Jen Scott. I managed to snap some photos along the way. It was one of those perfect, crisp autumn days, perfect for wandering slowly and chatting. After that and I started driving home, I …

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