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Thursday Night: PowerPoint Karaoke!

Remember that PowerPoint Karaoke will be return victorious to the Bryant Lake Bowl on THURSDAY NIGHT! See improv comedians bravely attempt to give a PowerPoint presentation for a deck that they have never seen before.

This awesome event happens at the Bryant-Lake Bowl on Thursday, December 27th, at 10:00pm! Doors will open at 9:30pm, so arrive early and have a beer!

This month, our presenters will be Sharon Stiteler, Dawn Krosnowski, Tim Uren, and PPK newcomer Tom Reed!

And I’ll be there slinging slides, so I’ll be looking for YOU.

Tickets are $7 ($5 with a MN Fringe button), and can be purchased at the Bryant Lake Bowl website!

Please attend! Laugh! Drink beer!

A High-Speed Car Chase Christmas

In lieu of an actual photo, I'll approximate my experience with this image from The Blues Brothers.

In lieu of an actual photo, I’ll approximate my experience with this image from The Blues Brothers.

On Christmas, I got to be witness to a crime. How was your holiday?

Fes Works and I were driving home on Christmas Day, fat and be-gifted from my dad’s family’s annual ice skating / brunch ritual. I was just about to turn left onto the side street that led to my apartment’s parking lot; I had paused, because there were two cars in the oncoming lanes of traffic. One was poised to turn left, but the other car behind it seemed to have plans to go straight, so I was waiting for it to pass.

The oncoming cars also paused at the intersection, because they saw something that I did not. A moment later, from my right…

VOOOM SQUEAL a dark blue/purple sedan came SCREAMING through the intersection, veering at a 45 degree angle and clearing my front bumper by what seemed to be inches. The car missed both going straight and turning left, and thus dove headlong through a street sign into the lawn of the Lutheran church across the street from my apartment. The car plowed through the snow and the lawn into the church’s parking lot and started heading around the building.

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