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December 27th: PowerPoint Karaoke!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that December 27th will just be another normal Thursday. Or perhaps you’re thinking that you won’t live to see the 27th, given that it comes after the Mayan apocalypse, Xmas shopping, and the premier of the new Tarantino movie. But assuming we all survive the next two weeks, December 27th won’t just be another Thursday! It will be POWERPOINT KARAOKE DAY!

That’s right! Once again, PowerPoint Karaoke takes the stage at the Bryant Lake Bowl, at 10 PM December 27th. Doors open at 9:30 PM! You can drink beer and eat food in the theater! Tickets are all of $7, but you can get one at $5 if you bring your Fringe button along! Tickets can be purchased at the door or online:


This month’s presenters are Dawn Krosnowski, Tom Reed, Sharon Stiteler, and Tim Uren! That right there is a reason to survive the apocalypse.

If you do the Facebook thing, you can add the event to your calendar here:

The BNAT14 Tour de Kitsch

This past weekend, I traveled to Austin, TX to be part of the 14th Butt-Numb-a-Thon film extravaganza. Since I am still a bit on the poor side, I once again made the trek by driving instead of flying. This means that I once again subjected myself to six US states’ worth of highway-side rest stops and gas stations, meaning you get another installment of the Tour de Kitsch!

I have claimed a Moose! WHOA! I can buy death at this truck stop!
Minneapolis, MN: I picked up my favorite travel buddy, MOOSE! Moose has traveled to all seven continents and has met a plethora of celebrities. He’s also cuddly.
Faribault, MN: WHOA! I can buy Death at a truck stop!
The unvalued customers get uncertified soap. Holy crap. They still make full-screen DVDs?!?
Des Moines, IA: The unvalued customers get uncertified soap. Lathrop, MO: They still make full-screen DVDs?! Jerry Springer?! Bobcat Goldthwait?!
Explosive fairy tales! ZOMBG DEATH SNOWGLOBE.
Lathrop, MO: It was a gas station full of fireworks. Let’s put explosives near other explosives YEAH! Also, these particular items prove that you can blow up all your childhood dreams.
Guthrie, OK: Death snowglobe. Let me type that again. DEATH SNOWGLOBE.
Guys, I don't think there are palm trees or surfing in Oklahoma.. Oh no! My car has hit a giant egg!
Guthrie, OK: Guys, I don’t think there’s surfing or palm trees anywhere near Oklahoma.
Austin, TX: My car just ran over an egg!
Oh WOW. I might need this.
Guthrie, OK: Oh WOW. Guthrie, OK: It’s a lizard hat. I am ashamed that I didn’t buy it.
Posting without comment. Sweet barking Godzilla, what's with the skull souvenirs on this trip?!
Guthrie, OK: … I got nothin’. Albert Lea, MN: What’s with the skull kitsch on this trip?!