I’m going to be in the movies!

Nacho Vigalondo, Elijah Wood, and Tim League

Nacho Vigalondo, Elijah Wood, and Tim League at Fantastic Fest 2010. I assure you, the party is always where Nacho is.

It’s true! I am currently slated to be an extra in the new Nacho Vigalondo film, and filming happens TONIGHT! It also sounds like I’ll get to sling my camera around at the shoot, so I’ll be able to document a single night of behind-the-scenes goodness.

I’ll be arriving at the shoot at 9:00 PM CST, and I’m scheduled to be there until 8:00 AM CST. Thus, if you’re a nightowl and want to hear about what happens on a movie shoot, tune in to my Twitter feed. There is normally a lot of waiting around on a movie shoot, so I’ll probably have plenty to say online.

I’ve not heard specifically which film we are shooting tonight, but I presume it is Open Windows. Really, any Nacho Vigalondo movie is a good thing. If you haven’t seen Timecrimes (currently available on Netflix Streaming), you should have a look.

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