Tiny Thing #87 and Other Tiny Things

Tiny Things #87: Shy Bunny

Tiny Thing #87: Shy Bunny

The Tiny Things Project began February 2010, after my grandma Winifred passed away. She had a lifelong hobby of collecting miniatures. She was a world traveler and had a magnetic personality, so parts of her collection originated from people and places all over the world. Most of the items are now many decades old. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the collection, and I’d often help her dust the little things as a sort of yearly project. She kept them in a china cabinet, so I don’t think they really gathered much dust, but it was a good excuse for me to study them up close.

Tiny Things #55: Coke Bottle

Tiny Thing #55: Coke Bottle

Tiny Thing #31: Pink Car

Tiny Thing #31: Pink Car

Tiny Things #82: Willow Baby

Tiny Thing #82: Willow Baby

When she passed away, I was honored to be given the collection. I wanted some way to catalog the items so other people could enjoy them, so I started a photo series. My ability to work on the series came and went depending on where I was living (the old house had better light than my current apartment), the state of various injuries (I couldn’t lift a camera for a while), and the season (I’m very unmotivated to go outdoors during the winter in Minnesota). Thus, even though I’ve now been working on the photos for three years, I’m still a long way from capturing the final piece in the collection.

Tiny Things #1: Chair (DIY Macro Lens)

Tiny Things #1: Chair

Tiny Things #86: Painting

Tiny Things #86: Painting

Tiny Things #20: Rooster

Tiny Things #20: Rooster

I’d like to make a push to finish the project this spring, if only to have it done before I have to pack and move to a new place. Then again, there are also various film projects, podcasting projects, and a giant convention vying for my time, so we’ll see.

If you’re curious about the other photos, you can see the whole collection both on Flickr and on Tumblr.

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