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Cinematic Oddities: Chariots of the Gods

Chariots_of_the_GodsAs part of my Megalist project, I have a goal to eventually watch every feature-length documentary ever nominated for an Oscar.

Now, this part of the Megalist project is a little problematic. Most people, even folks in the film industry, don’t really know what makes a good documentary. The Academy folks have long been accused of having suspect methods of judging documentary films. Outside of Oscarland, IMDB long had to fudge their top film ranking statistics so that documentary films didn’t completely tip the statistics surrounding other film sites, and their Top 50 Documentaries list is nearly unusable because every brand new documentary is instantly seen as the best one ever made.

Even keeping all that in mind… Chariots of the Gods is downright baffling.

Is it interesting? Oh yes. Chariots of the Gods is vastly entertaining, though definitely not in the way the film intended.

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