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B-Fest Tour de Kitch!

In my most recent, relatively short road trip, I naturally encountered a variety of roadside oddities. I hereby give you the first 2013 Tour de Kitch!

Yoga Frogs Cow tipping shot glass? Why not!
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin:
Yoga frogs? Sure, why not!
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin:
Why, I had no idea that cow tipping may involve alcohol.
WHAT. THE. This is the last moment captured by my phone when the battery died last night.
Lyndon Station, Wisconsin:
Hala Kahiki, River Grove, Illinois:
This is the last thing my phone saw before the battery died.
"Do you have pork?" "No!" Self-Serve Wooden Native American?
Schaumberg, Illinois:
“Do you have pork?”
“How about beef?”
“Are you out of your damn mind?!”
Hixton, Wisconsin:
This poor guy needs a shirt.