TONIGHT: Drinking with Geeks!

Drinking with Geeks

This is a just a reminder that YOU — yes, YOU with the glasses, staring simultaneously at a smartphone and three computer monitors — should swing by Drinking with Geeks tonight! Once there, you can mingle with the other Minneapolis geeks, scientifically analyze a tasty beer, and see the recording of the brand-new Drinking with Geeks podcast. The podcast, a brainchild of Bill Stiteler and Joseph Scrimshaw, will feature Jerry Belich and yours truly as (presumably drunk) inaugural guests. Join us!

Bryant Lake Bowl
February 5th, 2013
6:30pm – 8:30pm (podcast happens at 7:30pm)
Tickets are FREE!

If you do the Facebook thing, there is more information here.

If you don’t do the Facebook thing, here’s the event on the Bryant Lake Bowl’s web site.

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