Photos of Summer: Bar Crawl 2012

Drink #1

Drink #1

My friends Tim and Pat have, for many years, run an annual bar crawl through Minneapolis. In fact, 2012 was the 17th annual Tim & Pat Bar Crawl & Movable Feast, and presumably, this year will see the 18th.

This bar crawl is something special. It usually occurs in the late spring or early summer, meaning it usually lands on one of the first truly nice days in the Minnesota year. Around 30 friends join the effort, some sticking around for the full slate of bars, and others only dropping in for one or two. Many drinks are drunk, but the point actually isn’t to drink at every bar. Instead, it’s a day to spend walking in the sun with friends, visiting a vast array of Minneapolis’ drinking establishments. There are posh bars and dive bars and gay bars and Irish bars, all scattered along a route of about five miles.

The route varies from year to year. In 2012, the route began at The Bulldog in Northeast Minneapolis, and ended at The Bulldog in Uptown Minneapolis. Somewhere in the middle, there is always a drunken visit to a playground slide and a traipse across Loring Park.

Last weekend, I finally had a chance to edit my photos from the event. It reminded me of warmer days. I am already looking forward to the next one.

I’ve dropped in the full gallery (57 photos) at the bottom of this post, but if you’re reading this through something other than WordPress and the coding gets rough, you can check out all the photos in the Flickr gallery instead.

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