Road Trip: Days 5 – 6

The last two days have brought me from Morgantown, West Virginia to Champaign, Illinois. The relaxing part of my vacation has ended. Bring on Ebertfest!

Here are a few photos I snapped along my travels:

 Ladybong Graffiti
Morgantown, West Virginia:
“Ladybong Graffiti” will be the name of my reggae Ladysmith Black Mambazo cover band.
 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gates
Indianapolis, Indiana:
The GPS in my car must have met the ladybong, because it took me off the highway for several miles while traversing through Indianapolis. The upside of this is that it led me right past the home gates of the Indianapolis 500.
 My Welcoming Committee
Urbana, Illinois:
This was my welcoming committee when I arrived in Champaign-Urbana. This is also proof that a GIANT malamute will be watching me while I write posts for the next several days.

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