Road Trip: Days 3 – 4

I’m still hanging out in West Virginia, relaxing as much as possible before the flurry of Ebertfest. Thus, I don’t have a whole lot to report, except for the fact that the movie Lockout was better when it was called Escape from New York. Here are some random photos:

Not the Perry Como Statue
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania:
Canonsburg is the home of the talking Perry Como statue. No, really. It talks to you. Unfortunately, it was also dark and rainy, so I didn’t get a photo. Thus, here’s a photo of a singing Elmo robot.
Rocko is my new buddy.
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania:
Rocko is my new buddy. I protected him from a rampaging toddler, so he spent the rest of the night huddled by my side. Eventually, Rocko’s family was threatened to send him home with me.
A cat is living in my suitcase.
Morgantown, West Virginia:
Nuwa has taken up residence in my suitcase. She gets indignant if anyone tries to move her.
Morgantown, West Viginia:
Poe and I visited the Morgantown Brewing Company, West Virginia’s oldest brewery. This is a tasty lager, and it came accompanied by beer bread with honey butter. I would have attempted a photo of the beer bread, but its sheer, unadulterated glory caused my iPhone to avert its eyes in respect.

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