PowerPoint Karaoke NOW and LATER

Announcement the First:

The next PowerPoint Karaoke show will land upon Tuesday, May 1st!

Four contestants give a presentation to a live audience, even though they have never seen the slides before, and the slides are complete nonsense!

This month’s show will feature the comedic stylings of Ben San Del, Courtney McLean, and Mike Fotis!

As always the slides will be lovingly crafted by myself and Bill Stiteler!

There’s beer and food in the theater! How awesome is that?


Starts at 7:00pm on Tuesday, May 1st
Doors open at 6:00pm
Pay what you want from $6-$12!

The Bryant-Lake Bowl
810 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN

If you live on Facebook, you can add the event to your calendar here: http://www.facebook.com/events/284611361627635/

Can’t make it this month? PowerPoint Karaoke happens on the first Tuesday of every month!

Announcement the Second:

If you really want to see what the show is like, we put the entire April show online! Enjoy it here:

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