Road Trip: Days 1 – 2

I’m in the midst of spending around 10 days on the road, visiting friends around the country and, eventually, Ebertfest. Right now, I’m hanging out with my dear friend, Poe, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The first two days mostly involved driving, as there is a lot of highway between Minneapolis, MN and Morgantown. Yet I had an excellent and smooth drive, and the odyssey was capped with another viewing of Cabin in the Woods. So far, the trip is quite lovely.

Enjoy a couple photos from my adventures thus far…

.@mlvalentine, @muskrat_john, and @inkermark trying to beat me at zombie dice.
Madison, Wisconsin:
I stopped by the Madison Radisson to catch John Kovalic, Ken Hite, Monica Valentine, and Mark Stegbauer at the bar. Within 30 seconds, John challenged me to a German zombie dice game. Here’s Monica, John, and Mark attempting — and failing — to beat my score.
Fremont Rest Stop and Travel Emporium, Indiana:


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