Conference for the Curious

CollegeOfCuriosityIt’s official: I will be a speaker at the College of Curiosity Conference on May 25th.

Furthermore, they list my speakerly qualifications as being Queen of the Lizard People. (!)

After those two sentences, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on.

The College of Curiosity is a non-profit online and offline tribute to curious things. They organize field trips and conferences with a focus on oddity and fun. Lately, their website has been running a fun project where someone posts an image of a strange item, and the community at large has to figure out what the hell it is. I recommend having a look.

The upcoming conference will be at the Glessner House Museum in Chicago. The event itself will be one day (Saturday, May 25th), but related events will flank it on both Friday and Sunday. Keep your eyes on the site for details and updates.

As for what I will be presenting at the College of Curiosity… I haven’t the foggiest idea yet. I was given carte blanche, which is a frightening and dangerous thing.


  1. So upon what will you speak?

  2. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Glessner House: or, How Did I Get Here?”
    (with incidental music by The Talking Heads)
    I am totally saving up my pennies for this.

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