Should I do a weekly column?

Guy Maddin Commentary - 2009-06-18 21:23:07

Guy Maddin’s The Saddest Music In the World playing at The Heights Theater in 2009, with Mr. Maddin doing live commentary.

It struck me this morning that the Minneapolis / St. Paul area currently has a great array of art house / single screen / non-first-run movie theaters, certainly more than I was aware of when I was growing up in this town. The Heights regularly shows vintage films between showings of first-run movies. The Riverview often hosts oddball cinematic events when it’s not showing second-run movies. The Trylon, a microtheater with a mere 35 seats, makes its bread and butter showing vintage film on a rapidly changing schedule. The Brookdale 8 shows as many Bollywood films as it shows second-run American movies. And those venues aren’t the only ones.

So I was wondering:

  • Would anyone be interested if I posted a weekly column, highlighting few of the more unusual movie events around town?
  • What would I call such a thing? I haven’t yet thought of a snappy name that says “movies” and “not-first-run” and “not-second-run” and “local” and “weekly” all at the same time.
  • What else would make such a thing cool?

All thoughts welcome!


  1. at the very least links? 🙂
    maybe a heads up for the interesting stuff… weekly only if you think you have the time. 🙂

    but yes interested as there might be something to even drag the daughters to.

  2. On the other hand…you don’t have enough balls in the air as it is???

    Ah, go for it.

  3. “Film Fang Foom” / “Fistful of Dollars, Bagful of Jujubes” / “Cheap Seat Cinema Circus” / “High Plains Art House Drifter” Sorry, the snappy isn’t quite there. But I’d still read it, so I know what to hunt down locally.

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