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Not Exactly the Top Movies of 2012

I’ve written before about the clinically obsessive behavior I engage in when it comes to watching movies. In addition to that, I keep a detailed running list of all films I watch in a year. For instance, here’s how 2012 turned out:

  • I watched 391 films total (yes, that’s more than one film per day).
  • 166 of those films were listed in the Megalist.
  • 67 of those films were new releases; the rest were older.
  • 337 of the total 391 films were films I’d never seen before.
  • The numbers include watching films over (i.e., I saw Avengers twice, so it counts twice). There are very few instances of this. Except for the part where I watched The Apple five times. I can’t explain that.

So, yes, I watch a terrifying amount of movies. In my defense, I don’t watch TV (I haven’t had an antenna or cable since 2009), which means that, even at a rate of more than one film per day, I still watch less media than the average American. (That, too, is terrifying.)

Anyway, at the end of the year, I do like to look back upon what I’d seen. I’ll spare you the Top 10 list format, and instead give highlights of my cinematic 2012. Continue Reading →