MCBA Springcon: Nifty Costumes and LEGO Bricks

On Sunday, I attended at the MCBA Springcon comic book convention. Usually, I either have a table there, or I wander around taking photos. This time, I mostly just chatted with people I knew.

I do miss being more involved with the MCBA shows, which happen twice per year in St. Paul, MN. The MCBA are fantastic to work with. Even if you’re just a first-year peon in the comics industry, they’ll give you a table for free, they’ll give you a free steak dinner on Saturday night, and they’ll treat you like a pro. Great folks.

Despite my limited engagement this year, I did manage to snap a couple photos.

First, I happened upon Damon and Yancey. I love happening upon these gents, because they are always so well dressed…

TARDIS and Dalek #1 TARDIS and Dalek #1


…and so photogenic!

I also snapped a few images of the TwinLUG LEGO display, which involved a carnival, knife throwers, aliens, and cow abductions. Full gallery below. Enjoy! LEGO Robots Walking a Dog

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