The New Intervalometer Is Here! The New Intervalometer Is Here!

“What the barking frogs is an intervalometer?!” I hear you say.

It’s a widget that you connect to a camera, which causes the camera to shoot images at controlled intervals. In other words, it will make my Sony a580 shoot time-lapse movies.

Now that I’m done jumping up and down with joy over my new gadget, I’ve come to a dilemma. So far, these are the uses I’ve dreamed up for time-lapse videos:

1. Road trips
2. Conventions
3. Uh…

So my question to you, hivemind, is this: what would be some crazy, nifty stuff I could capture via an HD time-lapse video?

One Comment:

  1. I’ve always liked the time-lapse all-sky videos done with half-sphere mirrors. Not sure if you could make that work in your apartment, though. Maybe a time-lapse of you putting together a PowerPoint karaoke?

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