Random iPhonetography

I have yet to edit my photos from Ebertfest Day 4, so that post is yet forthcoming. In the meantime, please enjoy a few snaps I got on my iPhone over the last few days. (Click the images if you want to see them larger on Flickr.)

Your Daily Dose of Green There are TWO happy dogs hanging out of this car window!
I didn’t even know we got beetles this colorful in Minnesota. Shame on me, as I should know these things! It’s likely a  six-spotted tiger beetle (Cicindela sexguttata), which I hear often do not have spots. There are TWO dogs happily hanging out of this car window. They were very, very happy.
At the Bulldog NE Hey @muskrat_john, did I ever show you that I had one of these?
While hanging out at the Bulldog NE last night, I randomly pointed my iPhone camera up and got this shot. My friend John Kovalic is working on new OGRE art for Steve Jackson games. I had to show him that I was old skool.



  1. Richard Brantley

    Old school Ogre comes in a zip lock bag. Poseur 🙂

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