The Guitar Wolf Saga Concludes

Remember when I was a horrible fool and lost that guitar pick? Well…

I got home yesterday to find this taped to the inside lock on my apartment door:



Then my head exploded.

Apparently, Fes Works tracked down the tour manager, explained what happened, and asked if he could buy another guitar pick. The manager said that they don’t sell the picks, but since Guitar Wolf just happened to be crashing at the manager’s place that night, maaaaaybe something could be done if Fes ordered some other piece of merchandise off the web site.

So, a few days later, Fes received this…

Guitar Wolf!

…plus FOUR DIFFERENT PICKS taped to the invoice.

Fes is, of course, keeping the other picks, because he goddamned well earned them.

It was a confluence of investigation, persistence, and timing. Also, as my friend Poe said last night, “Everyone in that story is a great human being.”

PostScript: I made Fes watch Wild Zero, the Guitar Wolf movie, a few nights ago. We learned that Guitar Wolf guitar picks are excellent anti-zombie weapons. Fes is hereby ready for the zombie apocalypse.

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