Quick, Tell Me: The Introductory Edition

Quick Tell Me LogoBack in the days of LiveJournal, I would occasionally create a post where the audience would actively participate. I’d post something like, “Quick, tell me about your first pet hamster,” and then everyone would post responses in the comments. It was always so much fun to watch what everyone would come up with.

So, let’s start with a simple one.

Quick, tell me your favorite punchline. Not the joke. Just the punchline.

My answer: “It made him mean.”


  1. “I’m a giraffe!”

  2. Simple harmonic motion. *headbob*

  3. “Moo”

  4. “You’ve got a drink named Eugene?”

  5. Well, assuming a perfectly spherical cow…

  6. Stephen Miller

    You’re a cruel drunk Superman.

  7. It’s a tie between these two:
    “You’re 34, you have a wife and two children, and you still believe in leprechauns?”


    [palm the other person’s face like a basketball]

  8. “Quick, look down, you’re pissing on your shoes!”

  9. No, it’s because you’re fucking ugly.

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