Drinking and Podcasting with Geeks

Drinking with GeeksA couple of weeks ago at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, the monthly event Drinking with Geeks turned podcast. For episode number one, hosts Bill Stiteler and Joseph Scrimshaw interviewed Jerry Bjelojac and myself about things like Lost vs. Battlestar Galactica. Dice were involved. So were martinis.

Have a listen!

…and after you listen to that, you can give me shit about what I picked as the best Bond film.

Want to be part of the next gathering of the nerd herd? Join in at the Bryant-Lake Bowl at 6:00pm on March 5th!

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  1. You can give me shit about my favorite, For Your Eyes Only. It’s got Topol eating pistachios, Julian Glover being suave & evil, and Carole Bouquet as a Fury with a crossbow. I consider Roger Moore & Lynn-Holly Johnson to be backdrop for the rest of the cast.

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