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I have been remiss on my blogging duties for the last couple weeks. While I’m pretty sure humanity can live without my daily online presence for a while, I keep feeling like I’ve been slacking on the job. Last year, I made an effort to post each weekday (which I met with some success), so I had something of a habit going; having long weeks where I don’t post at all feels a bit alien.

I have Reasons, of course. I came down with a cold on June 2nd, which progressed to pneumonia. I’m on the mend now, but I was out of the Day Job for almost two weeks straight, and despite having all that free time at home, I spent almost all of it sleeping. On top of that, June is always the month that vanishes each year, because CONvergence looms large on the horizon. My few waking hours at home have mostly been spent working on the convention instead of working online.

It’s been interesting being mostly offline, though, just to see what happens with the analytics. 

The traffic on my other big blog, The Sound and the Foley, mostly stopped dead the instant I stopped posting. I’m pretty sure that this is because it hasn’t been up for long. I started the site in mid-March, and there are currently only 26 posts. They’re 26 huge and detailed and informational posts, mind you, but still only 26 posts. Google only just started sending traffic my way. I suppose the lesson is that, in the blogging world, it’s not just the content. It’s also consistency.

In contrast, this blog continued to generate a small background level of traffic, even when I was absent for so long. It has been up for longer than a year, and contains many more posts than The Sound and the Foley (even if the content itself is more trivial). Much of that background traffic was generated by only a couple posts, which have been surprisingly sticky in Internet terms. (I’m currently amused by how many people find this site with the search terms “denis lavant penis” or some variant thereof.) That said, I’m sure my traffic would soon taper off to nothing if I stayed offline for longer.

The “create or languish” nature of the Internet isn’t a new concept by any means. I just found it interesting to watch it happen in my own sandboxes.

Thus, in an effort to keep things moving, here is a photo of a tiny frog I found last week:

Say hello to my little friend.

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  1. Glad you’re on the mend! Yikes!

    Also, that frog is adorable.

    See you next week!

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