Introducing: A Reel Education!

Reel Education FinalToday is the day!

Over the last several months, I’ve been working with Fearless Comedy‘s Tim Wick and Jena Young on a new podcasting series: A Reel Education.

See, Tim Wick and I are movie nerds. We are the sort of movie nerds who will joyfully drill into the history of movies for hours upon end, well after others around us have wandered away with glazed eyes.

Our friend Jena, on the other hand, likes movies but has seen almost none of them. Upon discovering this, I can only presume Tim he threw his arms to the heavens, uttering a maniacal laugh whilst lightning crackled in the sky above him. Soon, he called upon me, and we began to conspire. We shall educate Jena about the joy of film, we said. Surely, this will be for the good of all!

And thus, A Reel Education was born. Episode 1 is here, wherein Tim teaches Jena about Casablanca. While I do not appear in the inaugural episode, you will hear my voice and my nerdery starting at Episode 2.

And yes, we have many episodes in the hopper already, and they will play out over the next several weeks. You can look forward to episodes about The Road Warrior and Argo and Singing in the Rain and many, many more.

Go and listen and join in our love of movies!

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