PowerPoint Karaoke and Judging a Book at Die Laughing!

PowerPoint KaraokeThis weekend, Fearless Comedy is holding their annual fundraiser by creating an insane 50-hour marathon of live comedy. The event is called Die Laughing, the event is being held for donation dollars, and you can totally find out what’s going on minute-by-minute BY CLICKING THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

The super-cool thing about all this (aside from the fact that it’s 50 hours of live comedy) is that PowerPoint Karaoke is going to be part of it! Equally cool is that Judging a Book by Its Cover will also be doing a segment!

PowerPoint Karaoke

What it is: Four improv comedians must each give a PowerPoint presentation with slides they have never seen before. I’ll be slinging the slides, baby!
When: 4:00 PM, Saturday April 5th
Where: The Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America, 3800 American Blvd E, Bloomington, MN 55425

Judging a Book by Its Cover

What it is: Comedy duos are presented with crazy book covers, and then have five minutes to tell you the plot of the book. I bring the books, my cohorts bring the funny!
When: 2:00 PM, Sunday April 6th
Where: The Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America, 3800 American Blvd E, Bloomington, MN 55425

A Reel Education LIVE on May 4th!

Bridge on the River Kwai Final

A Reel Education is returning to live shows, starting on May 4th! This time, we will be at The Trylon Microcinema, where you can join our live recording session, which comes after a screening of the Alec Guinness classic, Bridge on the River Kwai!

We are excited to introduce you to our new venue, The Trylon. The Trylon Microcinema is a wonderful, intimate non-profit theater in South Minneapolis, whose focus is on rare, classic, and unusual films.

Join us! And spread the word!

A Reel Education LIVE featuring Bridge on the River Kwai

Sunday, May 4th
Film starts at 8:00 PM. Podcast will be recorded immediately after the film.

The Trylon Microcinema
3258 Minnehaha Av
Minneapolis, MN

Slaying the EDNOS: Seven Months Later

EEDNOS: a medical acronym that stands for “Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified”

On August 3rd of last year, I finally started treatment for Binge Eating Disorder. I wrote about my trepidation and my decision at length on that day.

I’ve come a long way.
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Join us in the Pleasure Dome!

Xanadu-Sq-Logo-1024x1024So, it’s been quiet on the Tin Lizard Productions blog. I’ve spent the last two months doing two things: transitioning to a new job, and helping launch a new project.

I am breaking silence today to announce that Windy Bowlsby and I have decreed an awesome Pleasure Dome.

What do you find in the Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome?

You find a podcast featuring two passionate movie geeks chatting passionately about movies. Big movies, small movies, smart movies, dumb movies, new movies, old movies… no movie is too geeky or arty or stuffy or explodey for us! This bundle of movie nerd audio will be delivered to your ears every Thursday, complete with wine pairing suggestions for your maximum pleasure.

(Translation: it’s a podcast featuring drunk women who nerd out about movies. We’ve so far recorded five episodes, and so far, 4.5 bottles of alcohol have died for our sins.)

Join us in the Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome!

Web: xanaducinema.com
Twitter: @XanaduCinema
Facebook: Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome
…and we’re already on iTunes, too!

Dune with Sock Puppets and Cardboard

You may recall a couple of years ago when some friends and I made a “sweded” version of the first Hobbit trailer. It made the rounds on the Internet, and a lot of people seemed to like it, so we did it again…

…with the David Lynch version of Dune.

Jerry, Brian, and I (and many very patient friends) started making this sometime in… 2012. Like the real Dune, it spiraled out of control. We went over budget by tens of dollars. It ran far over schedule. At CONvergence last year, we screened a dubious, lumbering 15-minute cut of the film.

But after all that, Jerry and I finally got together and trimmed away all the fat, and now it is here in a svelte 7 minutes of M80s, sand, and construction paper. (Of course, all of our work is seriously upstaged by Tim Wick and Chad Dutton’s work on the closing credits song… but that is how it should be.)

Next time we swede a film, it WILL be done and posted within a goddamned weekend. I SWEAR IT. The swede must flow!