Max Wants You to Donate to the Walk for Animals!


This is Max. Max is my dog. I adopted him from the Golden Valley Humane Society in August 2016, and he is, of course, the best dog! (…except when he shreds his dog bed, like he did last night. But he’s cute, so we’ll overlook that for now.) The thing …

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The Iceman Cometh (not the Eugene O’Neill one)

The Iceman Cometh (1989)

I finally tracked down a DVD of a movie yesterday, and I’m so pleased with my purchase that I am honoring it with animated .gifs. This movie, of course, is The Iceman Cometh (aka Ji dong ji xia, released in 1989). No, this has nothing to do with the Eugene …

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Friday, March 17th: The Ides of PowerPoint Karaoke!

PowerPoint Karaoke Logo

On Friday, March 17th, PowerPoint Karaoke returns to rock Fantasy Flight Games! What it is: Four improv comedians must each give a PowerPoint presentation with slides they have never seen before, and the slides make no sense! When: 7:00 PM, March 17th Where: Fantasy Fight Games Center, 1975 W County Road B2, Roseville, MN How …

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