A Few More Moments from Ebertfest

I’ve been sick all week, so I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties. However, I solemnly swear to deliver full reports about the films at Ebertfest in the upcoming days.

For now, here are some images from the non-movie-watching moments of this year’s Ebertfest adventure.

Fans with Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton herself accompanied the screening of her film Julia, and she stuck around for a few days to watch some other films. She was very gracious with fans, as evidenced here. She looks as etherial in person as she does in movies, but she’s also completely fearless. By 11am Saturday morning, she was leading the entire theater in a huge dance-along to a Barry White song.

Ebert cake!

Ebert cake! Found at Pekara, a delicious coffeehouse near the Virginia Theater.

Melissa and Mirko at the Brass Rail

Mirko and me hitting the local dive bar, as per tradition.


GOJIRA! The Art Theater, just a few blocks from Ebertfest’s Virginia Theater, is a co-op arthouse theater, and they were playing the original Gojira at midnights during Ebertfest. Yes, Mirko and I attended a screening. Yes, we saw two people dressed as Gojira and the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man crushing boxes before the screening. Yes, there was rum involved. Yes, the original Gojira is a very slow film that shouldn’t be watched at midnight while boozy on rum.

Failed Time Laspe 2: Sisters on the Fly

I had another failed car-based time-lapse attempt on the way home. Here’s a trailer labeled SISTERS ON THE FLY. I have a dream that this somehow involved a clan of flying nuns.

Failed Time Lapse 2: Tonica

I could not find a gas station in Tonica, IL, but I did find this lumberyard.

Failed Time Laspe 2: Bridge

A green bridge somewhere in Illinois.

Failed Time Lapse 2: Just Married

Just married!

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