PowerPoint Karaoke: June 5th at the BLB!

Four people give a PowerPoint presentation to the audience. The only problem is the presenters have never seen the slides before, and they’re complete nonsense!This month’s guests: Joe Bozic, Mike FotisKelvin Hatle, Allegra Lingo, and Levi Weinhagen!This month’s judges: Leah Cooper and John Middleton!

Slides by Bill Stiteler and Melissa Kaercher (aka me)!Doors at 6! Show at 7!There’s beer in the theater! Food, too! Good food! People bring it to you and everything!

Pay what you want from $6-$12!

All this and more at the Bryant-Lake Bowl!

810 W. Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
If you do the Facebook thing, you can add the event to your calendar!
PowerPoint Karaoke happens on the first Tuesday of every month… EXCEPT in July and August. In July, you will see us at CONvergence! In August, we’re going to be too busy with Fringe! Thus, this will be the last BLB PowerPoint Karaoke until September! SEPTEMBER! Can you really wait that long? No, you can’t! You know this to be true! JOIN US!
Want to see what PPK is all about? We’ve uploaded the entirety of April’s show to YouTube!

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