Max Wants You to Donate to the Walk for Animals!

MaxThis is Max. Max is my dog. I adopted him from the Golden Valley Humane Society in August 2016, and he is, of course, the best dog!

(…except when he shreds his dog bed, like he did last night. But he’s cute, so we’ll overlook that for now.)

The thing about places like the Animal Humane Society is that they provide a huge service to the community, but it costs money. They ensure that lost, abandoned, and otherwise homeless animals find a good home. That takes food, shelter, medical attention, and work.

So Max (and I, his human) will be participating in the Walk for Animals on May 6th, where we will be raising money for the organization that brought Max all the way from an overloaded shelter in Oklahoma (!) to my home in Minnesota.

Please support the Animal Humane Society and pets like Max by clicking this link and pledging your support. Every dollar helps! Thank you for your generosity!

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