So This Happened…

I was serious about the giant guitar-squid.This, my friends, is a giant guitar squid. Playing baseball with a whiffle bat.

I was at the Peelander-Z show at the 7th Street Entry last night. I’d never heard one whit of their music before, but I handed over $12 simply because I heard that they play one hell of a show.

They certainly did not disappoint. 

I don’t really know how to describe what I saw. It involved five Japanese people, dressed like homemade Power Rangers and weilding giant cue cards, playing very loud music and claiming to be from Planet Peelander. At one point, Peelander-Red (yes, they are color-coded) was hanging from the rafters over the audience by his sneakers, playing guitar upside-down. At another point, the band handed tin pans and drumsticks to the crowd, who became their own percussion section. Then there was a giant guitar squid wielding a whiffle bat.

There was crowd participation galore. These guys are fun.

The two opening bands were both locals: In Defence and Birthday Suits. Both rock very loudly.

I snagged a few other photos with my iPhone, but they aren’t quite as good as the one above. Mostly, I was trying to avoid injury at the edge of the mosh pit.

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