Join us in the Pleasure Dome!

Xanadu-Sq-Logo-1024x1024So, it’s been quiet on the Tin Lizard Productions blog. I’ve spent the last two months doing two things: transitioning to a new job, and helping launch a new project.

I am breaking silence today to announce that Windy Bowlsby and I have decreed an awesome Pleasure Dome.

What do you find in the Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome?

You find a podcast featuring two passionate movie geeks chatting passionately about movies. Big movies, small movies, smart movies, dumb movies, new movies, old movies… no movie is too geeky or arty or stuffy or explodey for us! This bundle of movie nerd audio will be delivered to your ears every Thursday, complete with wine pairing suggestions for your maximum pleasure.

(Translation: it’s a podcast featuring drunk women who nerd out about movies. We’ve so far recorded five episodes, and so far, 4.5 bottles of alcohol have died for our sins.)

Join us in the Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome!

Twitter: @XanaduCinema
Facebook: Xanadu Cinema Pleasure Dome
…and we’re already on iTunes, too!

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