Butt-Numb-a-Thon 2013 Full Lineup

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A real live marching band came in at the end of Wolf of Wall Street, but only one of them was mostly naked.


Okay, so I realized yesterday (December 24th, 2014) that I never wrote a “full lineup of the Butt-Numb-a-Thon” post for last year’s Butt-Numb-a-Thon.

So I’m just going to backdate this post and pop it in here for posterity. I’ve tried to positively ID as many of the trailers as I can, but since it’s been a year, the trailer links might not be to the same version of the trailers we saw. I’ve also created a playlist of all the trailers here on YouTube.

Commercial: Ojai Valley Taxidermy

Introduction with Harry Knowles, complete with orders for everyone in the audience to text Jeff Mahler
Trailer: Trading Places
Trailer: The Lawyer
Trailer: Stunt Rock
Film #1: Wolf of Wall Street
Marching band enters theater during end credits of movie

Introduction with Harry Knowles
Trailer: The Fury
Trailer: Jericho the Wonder Clown (aka Three Ring Circus)
Film #2: Harlequin (aka Dark Forces)

Introduction with Harry Knowles
Trailer: Leprechaun
Trailer: Under the Rainbow
Trailer: The Lord of the Rings (Bakshi version)
Film #3: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Introduction with Harry Knowles
Film #4: The Agony and the Ecstasy (shown in 70mm)

Q&A with Bill Plympton
Trailer: Yuletide Disk Jockey (?)
Trailer: Funnycar Summer
Short film: Drunker than a Skunk
Film #5: Cheatin’
Q&A with Bill Plympton
Signing in lobby with Bill Plympton

Introduction with Harry Knowles
Film #6: Popeye (Alamo Drafthouse serves spinach during screening)

Introduction with Tim League
Demonstration and mass audience participation of the act of slap shots
Trailer: a baffling trailer for a Bruceploitation film of unknown title (“Really a good film” with “climax all the time.”)
Trailer: Soul of Bruce Lee (With “touchy” and “strenuous commencement.”)
Film #7: The Dragon Lives Again

Audience receives espresso beans from Doug Benson
Introduction with Harry Knowles
Footage: James Hong on set of Next Kill
Scientific A/C Trailer (Note: this is exactly what I wrote down, but I don’t remember what it referred to)
Film #8: The Loves of Edgar Allen Poe

Introduction with Adam Green
Trailer: Mysterious Monsters
Trailer: The Monster Squad
Film #9: Digging Up the Marrow
Q&A with Adam Green and Alex Pardee

Introduction with Harry Knowles
Film #10: The Haunted Palace

Introduction with Tim League
Trailer: Big
Trailer: Happy Days
Film #11: The Fruit Is Swelling

Introduction with Harry Knowles
Film #12: The Wind Rises

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