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The-Bourne-Identity-1988Dakegra: Did Bourne redefine the action genre? Discuss.

Me: Yes.

KyleCassidy: Bourne stood on the shoulders of Bond and John Woo. The view from that high up is pretty epic. Books not so actioney.

Dakegra: True.

Me: However, it was the Bourne films that made other contemporary action films look silly and overwrought. (…at least, in terms of mainstream American cinema.)

Me (later): Also, I should note that I’m not talking about the 3-hour 1988 Richard Chamberlain version of The Bourne Identity.

Dakegra: I’d not heard of that one. I feel I ought to watch it.

KyleCassidy: You mean of course The Bourne Birds.

Me: *spit take*

Dakegra: #applause

(If you don’t get it, go here.)

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  1. Of course now someone has to make “The Bourne Birds” or at least a trailer for it.

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