CONvergence is HERE!

CONvergence 2017 LogoOne of the things consuming my brainpower recently is CONvergence 2017, which starts today! CONvergence is the sci-fi/comics/geek convention that I’ve worked on for the last 19 years, where 6,000+ people will show up and proceed to dance, drink, and stay up way too late until the whole thing vanishes again into the steamy July mists like a Minnesota-flavored Brigadoon.

I’m only running/participating in 12 events over the weekend, which is a far cry from my 2013 record of 22, yet still enough to keep me busy. If you actually want to catch me at CONvergence and say hello (and you should!), here’s where you can find me!

(Note: you can find further details — such as the names of other panelists! — on the Calendar page here on the site. You can also find the full CONvergence schedule here.)


8:30 PM Mainstage: Smackdown 2017: Robot Rampage
The deadliest droids duel to to destroy, as our panel of gadgetry gurus analyze each annihilator to decide which will dominate and which will disintegrate!

11:30 PM Bloomington: Pan Galactic Gargle Blasted with Douglas Adams
In our continuing “[drinks] with [author]” series, we celebrate the life and works of Douglas Adams, who created the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy while lying around drunk in a field. Who can make the best Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? Let’s find out!


7:00 PM Atrium 6: Judging a Book by Its Cover
Three competing teams of “literary experts” explain the plot of a book, based only upon the cover art they see on the screen.

8:30 PM Mainstage: PowerPoint Karaoke
Four “experts” must each give a PowerPoint presentation with slides they have never seen before, and the slides make no sense!

10:00 PM Atrium 6: Drinking with Geeks
Geeks discuss and imbibe alcohol. 21+.

11:30 PM Atrium 6: Killer B’s Improv Movie Show
As clips of strange movies play onscreen, a team of voice actors and musicians create a whole new soundtrack… without ever seeing the movies before! It’s film, improv comedy, and live music all in one, plus a 75% chance of rubber-suit monsters!


2:00 PM Bloomington: Movie Year in Review
From indie darlings to foreign films to big-budget blockbusters, let’s discuss everything from the last year of film.

3:30 PM Atrium 7: Jodorowsky’s Dune
Come talk about the documentary, which details Alejandro Jodorowsky’s attempt to film “Dune” in the 70s. Many genre projects owe their existence to the failed film and we’ll talk about why.

7:00 PM Bloomington: Mega Panel
The panel where we talk about anything and everything *except* the CONvergence Masquerade. If you are interested in everything *except* the masquerade, this is the panel for you!

11:30 PM Bloomington: 2 Panel 2 Furious
A new Fast & Furious film has roared into theaters! Is it a worthy addition to this increasingly ambitious and bonkers franchise? Are you new to the series and are wondering what’s going on? Did the panelists bring enough Corona this time? Join our FAMILY!


11:00 AM Atrium 7: GPS Live Charity Auction
All silent auction items that went to voice auction will be sold at this charity auction benefiting the Geek Partnership Society.

12:30 AM Atrium 6: Art Impossible
Watch as talented artists are given impossible challenges! Could you create a CONvergence-themed amusement park in thirty minutes? How about design a new Doctor Who costume in five minutes? These artists create the impossible!

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