Images from Twin Lakes

I went for a walk today. Click the images to see them larger on Flickr.

Johnny Guitar

Alright, I confess. I’m a movie nerd. I’m a movie nerd to the extent that, somewhere around 2005, I started building a strange database. When I first built it, it simply listed all the movies in IMDB’s Top 50/Top 250 lists, and which ones I had seen. I’d refresh the …

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Ambien Calls Are the New Drunk Dial

Around 11pm last night, I looked at my phone. I was surprised to find that someone I know (who shall remain nameless) had tried to call me nine times between 9pm and 10pm. They also left a phone message, which was strangely garbled. Since it was now considerably later, I …

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Seriously, I don’t know everybody.

The following conversation happened on Twitter last night, whilst I was distracted by a lovely little movie named Whale Rider: fesworks: I’m apparently following @MarkWaid, just realizing who he is, but don’t remember how I came to follow him. I blame @chebutykin… Somehow… wdonohue: You can almost always blame @chebutykin …

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New Geek Life: I Am Pro Science Nuns

A new episode of The Geek Life is live: I Am Pro Science Nuns. Click the link to hear the episode on the site. You can also subscribe via iTunes, or follow us on the Book of Faces, or follow the RSS feed, or crank call us in the middle …

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Vilification Tennis: The Game Show

It sounds like will be running computer tech for this week’s Vilification Tennis show, which makes two months in a row where I’ll be sitting onstage with a computer and a beer during VT. If you are unfamiliar with Vilification Tennis, it’s essentially a show where skilled improv comedians insult …

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Pi, a Kitchen, and a Camera

I just wrote up a new post for Mad Art Lab, talking about a photo I shot yesterday of a kitchen backsplash that counts out 159 digits of pi. Click on the photo above to see the larger versions on Flickr. Enjoy!

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Hello, WordPress. It’s always fun to take the new gadget out for a test spin, so here I am, doing my best to spin donuts in an icy digital parking lot. It’s not that WordPress is particularly new, nor is it even new to me (thanks to my work at …

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Hello, everyone!

The Tin Lizard Productions site is having an overhaul. Please bear with me while I bring this site into the 21st century. Thanks, Melissa