It’s Black Friday. You probably need a Sonic Screwdriver.

At Omegacon last weekend, I was introduced to the Sonic Screwdriver.

This, my friends, is a Sonic Screwdriver.

The center is Blue Curacao. Outside is a mix of orange H2Oh! and clementine vodka. The disposable dual chamber shot glass is something you can now buy in glorious bulk stacks for the price of a couple bucks. (I love living in the future.)

Sonic Screwdrivers are tasty and pretty. I credit Nick and Molly Glover for introducing them to me in great volumes.

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  1. Shameless plug! Melissa was provided with this drink during a live recording of Geeks Without God. You can listen to how that drink affects the hosts on last weeks episode here:

    You can also listen next week for the episode we recorded after this one. There is a whole lot of drunk going on.

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